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Post  Yasmeen on Fri Jan 29, 2010 6:42 am

In Game:

1 → Do not disrespect your fellow alliance members. Eg, show respect to get respect.
2 → Do not scam other people.
3 → Try to offer help when possible. Like number 1, give help to receive help.
4 → Try to keep it English in alliance chat so everyone can understand. Occasional slip is up understandable but don't let it happen too often.
5 → Do not beg for power-level, gold or items from other members. If they have any to spare they will offer.
6 →Anything about a person said in alliance as a joke is to stay within the alliance.
7 → Will be updated if any future rules are implemented.


1 → Your forum username must be your in game name or at least part of it so that people can tell who you are.
2 → Any mature content must be warned in the title of a thread for any of those that are under age or so not wish to see.
3 → Try to keep swearing to a minimum, although some is allowed.
4 → Will be updated if any future rules are implemented.


1 → If people are able to donate to the alliance please do so. If it's merits/provisions at the alliance master or steeling/fortifying beads it would be much appreciated.
2 → Most of all, this is a game, so try to have fun and keep the alliance like a family.

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