Renown quest (Mystic Loyalty Roll + Endeavor)

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Renown quest (Mystic Loyalty Roll + Endeavor) Empty Renown quest (Mystic Loyalty Roll + Endeavor)

Post  ZenPhantom on Sun Feb 07, 2010 4:39 pm

This is just a thought because we have many people who donate Merits anyway. It shouldn't be a problem for us to set apart a little time every day to do Endeavor together (because it's so much faster) and reap the rewards based on our renown. Even if you don't have use for Arcane Coins you can always give them to Cobra or sell them on TR or whatever. I simply think that this isn't much additional work for those of us who donate anyway, and you get Arcane Coins (and Arcane Bullions if your renown is high enough) practically for free.

So my suggestion is this: Let's choose a time of day and do Endeavor in groups every day at that time.

This is just a thought... lemme know what you think


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